RAS Hosting Services Program Overview

  • We will support QuickBooks 2007 thru current year – Pro, Premier, and Enterprise


  • Your clients’ data will be hosted on a RAS server.


  • Your clients will be allowed to have multiple people access the data simultaneously.  You will also be allowed access simultaneously. 


  • You and your clients will be able to print to your local printers.


  • You can save PDFs and Excel spreadsheets.


  • We deliver full screen full featured Quickbooks. It will be activated with a desktop icon. Other hosting solutions have a longer login process through a web browser.


  • Our technique runs about 3 times faster than Microsoft Terminal Services and uses much less bandwidth. This allows people to be able to access Quickbooks anywhere anytime with connections such as Sprint and Verizon 3G.


  • Complete nightly backup is included. You or your client may make a local backup if you wish.


  • As always, support is included 104 hours a week for free from knowledgeable specialists.