"RAS Remote provides prompt and courteous support for client installation and training. Our firm and clients have been extremely pleased with the ease of using the remote tool and highly recommend RAS Remote Accounting software."
Angie Denning
Machen, McChesney & Chastain, LLP
Auburn, AL

"Remote Accounting Solutions simply saves me time. No more trying to load clients data from bad or blank disks, no more driving across town just to help them create a backup or post an entry, and no more entering adjusting journal entries at our office just to print them out and then go to the clients to re-key them. I can work in their "Live" data file at my desk, all with just a phone call and a few minutes transfer time. I have several clients that are 30+ miles away. The time saved just in drive time alone makes this program a great asset to our company. The program is so handy, I use it on clients that are just around the corner as well.

And the addition of RAS Netviewer has enabled me to offer a new level of support to my clients. One particular day just by logging on with RAS Netviewer, I helped 4 different clients with accounting software problems in less then 1 hour. I wouldn't have even been able to drive to the first clients, fix their problem and return to the office in that amount of time."
Scott Hanshaw A+, MCSE
Brown, Rogers & Company
Little Rock, AR


"Using Remote Accounting Solutions has allowed me to serve my clients around the country in a fast, easy, safe environment. The support staff has superior customer service and technical skills and are very responsive to my needs and those of my clients."
Evelyn Lavin
ETL Accounting Service, LLC
Scottsdale, AZ

"RAS has helped increase our productivity and interface with our clients.
They like the ease of using the RAS transfer tool to send us large files, than other wise would take many disc's or usage of a CD burner, which most of them don't have.

The increase in productivity comes in because we don't have to spend time on the phone with our clients to help them copy the files, or how to e-mail them to us."
Stuart Shapiro, CPA
Benadon Shapiro Villalobos, CPA's
Burbank, CA

"I support QuickBooks clients up to 50 miles from my office. RAS allows me to respond more quickly to their needs has become my second vehicle reducing my travel costs. My clients and I really appreciate the convenience and the security offered by RAS."
Barbara J. Stolpman (BJ)
BJ’s Administrative Services
Cupertino, CA


"RAS has been helpful in alleviating the need for us to travel out to a client's office, allowing us to utilize more of our time in actual work on their QB file and not in traveling all over the place. The RAS Netviewer has been a particular boon in our being able to assist a client who is having a QB challenge and to quickly show them what needs to be done, again with out the need for us to travel out to the client's. The service has been quick and extremely reliable. The RAS team is prompt in getting back to us and to our clients whenever assistance is needed."
Andrea Lee Carter, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Levine & Collado CPAs
Chico, CA

"The RAS software has really helped streamline the process of supporting our QuickBooks clients. The technical support is awesome. Our clients have been very impressed with your assistance in getting the transfer tool installed and responding to support tickets. Being able to easily transfer their QB file to our server has given our client a great system for offsite back up on a weekly basis. Keep up the great work!"
Gary A. Cates
Vilmure, Peeler & Boucher, LLP
Whittier, CA


"We had experienced some difficulty getting our client's Quickbooks data when we got a call from RAS. It sounded like a great solution. Our clients appreciate the prompt, courteous service from the RAS specialists. We appreciate being able to offer a convenience to our clients that sets us apart from our competitors. The data transfer system gives the clients the ability to get us the detail information necessary to help them make good business and tax decisions."
Loella Haskew, CPA
Buckley Patchen Riemann & Hall
Lafayette, CA